The 1.2 Beta Update!

After a few delays regarding my new PC and receiving clothes from my move to a different country, the Beta 1.2 update is here!

*Before I continue I must clarify that the NaN glitch that some people are encountering is still not fixed, but this is not due to an issue with the game, but with the Unity Engine. This occurs when the player's collides with the ground at an angle that makes it impossible for it to calculate how the physics should react, therefore deleting the player from the game and breaking it. I am looking into fixing it, but it has proven to be impossible so far. Sorry!*

This new update an assortment of new levels as well as a few quality-of-life changes to the game!

  • 6 new levels: 5 new levels based on a new fog feature that will reward quick reaction time as well as 1 new standard level!
  • A pause menu (finally!): The pause menu allows you to quit the game back to the title screen and a way to restart the level!
  • Tighter controls for more responsive movement!

I will now be working on bringing the following things for the game:

  • More levels with entirely new challenges!
  • Settings for changing the keys you use to move your character!
  • Better-looking menu and tutorial!


Cubethon V1.2 Windows 9 MB
Aug 18, 2017
Cubethon V1_2 Mac 17 MB
Aug 18, 2017

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